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Norman rig for Blender (no facials yet, hasty release)

If you want to try and play with the rig, go ahead and download it I did put more skinning work into the fingers afterwards and skinned the eyeballs. Facials still need to be added, but it has to wait … Continue reading

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Meshcache modifier with anisculpt

It is a modifier that reads mdd and pc2 meshcache format files. At each scene update it opens the file, reads the current frame and closes the file. So you will see a live update whenever the file changes ( … Continue reading

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Spring constraint

A quick and easy way to add bounciness/overlap to your bone chains or objects. Note that it is time destructive, meaning you will get random results when scrubbing backwards. You can easily bake the rotation though as shown in the … Continue reading

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Surface constraint wip

The surface constraint lets you silde an object on a surface using uv values. Currently it does not use nurbs but a given polygonal rectangle consisting of only quads. Free transform on the surface is yet to be implemented. Example … Continue reading

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Melt modifier wip

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New Blender R&D blog

Hi all. In this blog i will show my Blender rigging R&D progress and be highlighting existing features / tricks. Probably also some intros about how to get started with animating in blender in terms of using the program. The … Continue reading

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