Surface constraint wip

The surface constraint lets you silde an object on a surface using uv values. Currently it does not use nurbs but a given polygonal rectangle consisting of only quads. Free transform on the surface is yet to be implemented. Example uses would be for facials rigs or preventing a button from a coat to distort too much (as shown in the video).

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7 Responses to Surface constraint wip

  1. joe says:

    This is great! I hope it gets into trunk because this is a very useful feature. With this and your spring constraint, the only other major thing I’d like to see in Blender’s rigging toolset is something like Maya’s wrap deformer. Well done!

  2. Really cool!!!! I’m starting a migration from maya to blender and I use so much a function on maya to do the same thing… so I’m so happy to see that it’s on blender… really cool, getting more and more excited about blender. Thank you for this post.


  3. I can’t find this constraint, do you have to install something particular?

  4. Ivo says:

    Sorry, the constraints are only R&D, they are not released yet and not in the official trunk version.

  5. are you the one designing these constraint?

  6. No matter who design these constraints, they look awesome and I hope as it was mentioned that they would be included in the official trunk.

    (will it works on nurbs in the future?)
    I use a lot this method in Maya, here is an example


  7. I searched for deformer and I found your blog. I really like it. Keep going – well done!