Norman for 2.57 – beta/temp version

Hi all, there are many requests for a version working with the latest blender 2.57. I did update the scripts, but i did not have time for intense testing as i am busy working on another project. Here is the download-link: Norman for Blender 2.57

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  1. Thank you very much! I was going to ask for this, but knowing that you are too busy elsewhere, I hesitated… Now I can migrate to 2.57!

  2. marcus says:

    Hi ivo,
    I have seen your tutorials they are great and I rigged a own char with the rig.
    im really intersted to use the norman rig (just the rig) for commercial use.
    so what will be the way to become free to use it. I will do an animated tv series in the middle east.I would really be happy to use the normanrig because of all advantages of it.
    best regards

  3. PAt says:

    Thank you! Your work on this rig is much appreciated

  4. payton says:

    where do i put the folders?

  5. Ivo says:

    marcus: The rig is released under GPL. You can use it commercially (just the rig, that is, not the mesh) but you have to give me proper credit.

  6. Ivo says:

    the norman and ivo_animation_toolbox folder need to be copied into the addon folder under your scripts directory.
    For example: C:\blender\blender-2.57b-windows64\2.57\scripts\addons

    You can also print your scripts path in the python console inside of blender like this:

  7. payton says:

    thanks for the reply, but my 2.57a/b doesn’t have a scripts folder. I used to blender 2.56 and I copied the 2 folders to the addons and it worked fine. (amazing rig by the way, thanks for converting it to blender) but on my blender 2.57, running on 64 bit windows, when I click on 2.57 it just shows a python folder. Please help. Thamks.
    P.S. I have uninstalled and reinstalled blender 2.57 and it is the same.

  8. payton says:

    Ok, nevermind. I downloaded the zip version instead and it worked. I still wish that the installed version would work though.

  9. payton says:

    The facials don’t work. :(

  10. Moley says:

    Howdy, thanks for the work on the norman rig. A couple of things, when following your video to get to grips with the rig, when I hit ‘I’ to insert keyframes and select norman_all the only thing that appears to get keyframed is norman_mouth. After a little bit of experimenting it appears that the keying sets are all screwed up. The keying set 3 items above the one being selected is what is being used.
    So when I select norman_spine norman_arm_L and norman_arm_R they return errors and the rest of the keying sets key the wrong bones.

    Also, selecting Whole_character causes the head to stretch in a weird way.

    I’d love to make proper use of the rig but it’s proven impossible to even get a later version of 2.56 because the graphicall update got rid of all old builds before 2.57. If you (or someone else) could upload the 2.56 version with norman already in to somewhere I’d be eternally grateful until the bugs are ironed out of the 2.57 version of norman.

    Thanks :)

  11. Ivo says:

    payton: The facials are fixed, re-download please

    Moley: here is a link for the “original 2.56″ version:

    I will look into the keying sets later.

  12. Carolina says:

    hi everyone!!! I’ve a big problem because in my 2.57 blender version I can’t find the scripts folder… Where have I to copy the two folders? When I click on 2.57 it just shows a python folder. What have I to do for use this amazing script? Thank you in advance

  13. Payton says:

    Wow! Thanks Ivo. After hours of slaving trying to get the drivers for the facials back up I found the Driver fix button in the help menu. But I just recently re-donloaded the files and was pleasently surprised to find that the facials were already fixed. No big deal to have to go back and fix them, but its nice anyway. Thanks!

  14. Ivo says:

    Carolina: it should be like this C:\blender\blender-2.57b-windows64\2.57\scripts