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Norman Rig for Blender by Ivo Grigull

Released under license: creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
CC License

Please use a Blender revision that is greater than or equal to 34624. The addons/scripts used by the rig do not work with the official 2.56 build from the blender website.

Download the rig only, for Blender 2.57
To install, extract the directories to 2.57/scripts/addons inside the blender-folder.
MD5 checksum: ac3d084fb5d23f460aa6c542807cb6c1

Windows users can download a Blender version bundled with the rig+addons (34624) : (Windows 32Bit)
Download Blender bundled with the Rig (win32)

The meshes and blendshapes are taken from the Maya version of the Norman rig:
The Norman rig was also released under the same license.

Original contributors:
Leif Jeffers
Morgan Loomis
Peter Starostin
Neal Thibodeaux

18 Responses to Downloads

  1. wayne dixon says:

    hey mate the link to the rig is broken

  2. Ivo says:

    Thanks Wayne, the link should be fixed now.

  3. Wow! I had to download graphicall build (rig to the addon itself didn’t worked couple of hours ago).

    Great rig, facial controls work great, and I just love the level of control with stretchy controls over the limbs.

    I can’t wait for the actual addon that would enable me to use this rig with my characters.

    p.s. Leg controls show former Softimage user, LOL

  4. [LOL] Just for kicks, does he have it for Blender 2.49

  5. SP_Otaku says:

    Awesome thanks allot will be sure to enjoy, and share it with others. ^_^

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  8. zain Sohail says:

    Thanks mate, quite a nice rig. EVEN if I get to know rigging I still can’t make that good a rig!!

  9. Marco Cagnacci says:

    Hi Ivo,
    do you know why I can’t check the “Animation toolbox” and the “Norman Rig” add-ons? I see them listed but I can’t check the box. I’m using Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and Blender 2.56.2 r35272

    Thank you for your great effort!


  10. hiren says:

    hey guys
    can i ask you guys a question

  11. Linkeltje says:

    I did put the add-ons in the scripts/add-on folder but I cant see them in the preference panel under animation. I tried the add-ons in the Graphical build as well. I used Blender 2.56a for OSX.

  12. Chris says:

    Hey – did you ever get this worked out? I’m having similar problems.


  13. Jayraj says:

    Hey, the rig is not working with blender 2.57a . Any idea or help is greatly appreciated.

  14. Phoinx says:

    Same here.
    Using 2.57.1 r36339 on Mint 10.

  15. Phoinx says:

    Detail: 64-bit.

  16. yamasaki says:

    Ivo, sorry to bother you. But how can i have two rigs in one shot?

  17. Ivo says:

    yamasaki: It is explained here:

    You basically have to open the norman.blend file, rename all instances of “norman” to your new name and save the blend under that same name in the same folder. It should then be visible in the pop-up menu.

    Sorry all others for not replying. You can download the updated version for blender 2.57b here:

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